Sunday, January 23, 2011

Consume, destroy, rinse, repeat

Welcome to 2011.

Thus far,
  • We've moved again, this time to Versailles, New Orleans East. We live next door to a blighted two-story red brick house with broken windows for eyes. Inside our little house is piles of clothing, tangled electronics wires, and the constant smell of candles burning.
  • I changed schools and grade levels again and I'm finally happy with it. Teaching kindergarten, back where I started, and I've grown so much. I know what I'm doing and I'm finally enjoying it, even with projectiles and curse words directed towards me. I'm an adult, dudesies. I can crush you with my monstrous feet in Ferragamo pumps.
  • Going to the gym and exercising with a trainer. Trying to cook more and eat better. Learning to budget, although I failed again this month at putting money in my savings account. It's going to happen though. Soon. Grown-up endeavors.
  • Daniel's building a garden farm and I helped him shovel compost. That's dirt and poop, just so you know. With a real shovel that (almost) gave me real blisters. My palms are sore at least.
Something Daniel and I wrote and photographed is coming out soon in a zine. I'll let you know about it but here's some of it:

Also, I've been bloggin srsly and consistently at NO(la) MORE CHAINS. It's mostly just clothes and food. I'm going to try and work on doing both now again. Doot doot do it do it do it.