Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Love 洛杉矶

This jerkin' comp is the best. Mad love, Mawkus. Antlers are another birthday present to self, $22 at the Magazine Antique Mall.

In all seriousness

Reasons why I love living alone
aka why I will never have roommates again in my life
  1. I spend like 85% of my time naked or just wearing underwear because after a shower I'm too lazy to dress. No one can judge me because my shades are shut.
  2. I can sleep at 8 PM and wake up at 5 AM to do laundry and sew.
  3. I can sleep at 4 AM and wake up at 6 AM to do yoga.
  4. If I feel like leaving my dishes in the sink for a week (with the food scraped out duh), I do.
  5. If I feel like cooking a huge meal and then slowly dishing leftovers into small containers, I do.
  6. If I want to leave my dirty clothes in color-coordinated stacks on the ground, I do.
  7. I can blast Nicki Minaj and jerk and Trey Songz at all hours. No headphones, suckaz.
  8. Dancing all over the apartment with a hairbrush is never not an option.
  9. Nobody gets on my ass to do chores but me.
  10. When I'm alone, I read. When I'm sad, I write or draw. When I feel lonely, I learn to deal. I'm learning ME!