Thursday, July 3, 2008

Old People

There's something about drawing older people that is really challenging yet fun, especially on the street. For one, they are not afraid to tell you off for staring at them. C'mon, they're old--what the fuck are you (me) going to do to them except stand there awkwardly as they glare and rail at you (me) in Cantonese which you (I) don't understand? Secondly, wrinkles, liver spots, sunken eyes and drooping cheekbones are so much more interesting than the troops of graphic print wearing, woven sandal trekking, over-accessorized youngsters in perched trucker hats parading through Mong Kok, the huge shopping mall and night market area of Kowloon I'm living in.

These tiny sitting areas or venues, not even quite a park since it's usually just a couple benches and a "No Smoking" banner tied to the wall, are tucked away all over Hong Kong, always filled with old men and women holding umbrellas and newspapers. I like to take my bottle of water and sketchbook and join them.

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