Thursday, July 3, 2008

Art happenings

1) Tomorrow and Saturday nights I will be attending Collected Monsters 08 , Hong Kong indie/electronica/rock festival. At first I was hesitant to buy tickets because I have no one to go with, but then I realized that a) I want to go (a LOT) and b) I'm not going to make any friends or meet anyone sitting on my ass in my apartment. My Little Airport and The Pancakes will be playing! I'm way excited.

2) I found out about this show from an amazing entirely indie pop record store, tucked away underground amidst a thousand other (mostly Cantopop) record shops and VCD/DVD stores. It's called Zoo Records and is also a label and distro. I've bought a couple CDs thus far and I'll probably be back at least a few more times before I leave.

3) Actually, the Sunday after I got here, I went to a benefit concert for the Right of Abode campaign, where My Little Airport played. It was an extremely moving event, with music, poetry, and performances from various university students and activists. Parents who had been separated from their children and have been fighting these eight, nine years for their return, spoke and sang. (Rights of Abode University Blog)

4) Extremely, extremely close to my apartment (I'm not going to say how close, exactly) is a tiny art gallery called Shanghai Street Artspace. Apparently it's fairly well-known for being quite avant garde and showcasing a lot of new and old Hong Kong artists. The current show is a mix of photographs and paintings on old Hong Kong shops; the last was a mixed media show called "Thus Spoke Egg". All the photographs are from the past show.

LOVE PSYCHEDELICO - Last Smile (extension mix)

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Jiawei said...

=( I wish I was in Hong Kong omGee they must have the biggest hypebeast community...I'm very surprise to hear that Chinese music is more than just CantoPop; must check out Zoo need to share some Chinese indie artist