Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Didn't have much of a chance to draw or take pictures of family during my first trip to Taiwan in three years. I did, however, take photos of everything I ate during those four days. So my priorities are in order.

Girl on MTR

The first time I took the subway in Hong Kong, I got to the station early and drew this girl. I'm telling you, people think I am super creepy. And rightly so. Womp.

Jiawei Gchatted me today and told me that apparently I'm picking up him and Daniel from the airport. In Colorado. I'm excited to see them. I got them a bunch of old protest stickers and notebooks today, from the Hong Kong Federation of Students. I hope they like them.

Journal pages

From photographs seen at the Hong Kong Government Public Records Office in Kwun Tong, Kowloon.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The most wonderful sentence

"Tomorrow we shall connect in the virtual reality rather than in the same geographical space." - Jenny Chan, SACOM

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Top 4 hilarious shirts, thus far

(In order of sighting)

1. "I hate my life and I ride my bike" (perfect for Steven Ma!)
2. "MALE KATE MOSS" (yes, it was House of Holland style)
3. "An awkward morning beats a boring night" (oh, lesbians...)
4. "You need crack n' a hlowjob" (I hope the typo was intentional)

Monday, July 7, 2008

BIRDS version 1

A storied moment.

I made this on Sunday night.


I made this on Saturday night.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Art happenings

1) Tomorrow and Saturday nights I will be attending Collected Monsters 08 , Hong Kong indie/electronica/rock festival. At first I was hesitant to buy tickets because I have no one to go with, but then I realized that a) I want to go (a LOT) and b) I'm not going to make any friends or meet anyone sitting on my ass in my apartment. My Little Airport and The Pancakes will be playing! I'm way excited.

2) I found out about this show from an amazing entirely indie pop record store, tucked away underground amidst a thousand other (mostly Cantopop) record shops and VCD/DVD stores. It's called Zoo Records and is also a label and distro. I've bought a couple CDs thus far and I'll probably be back at least a few more times before I leave.

3) Actually, the Sunday after I got here, I went to a benefit concert for the Right of Abode campaign, where My Little Airport played. It was an extremely moving event, with music, poetry, and performances from various university students and activists. Parents who had been separated from their children and have been fighting these eight, nine years for their return, spoke and sang. (Rights of Abode University Blog)

4) Extremely, extremely close to my apartment (I'm not going to say how close, exactly) is a tiny art gallery called Shanghai Street Artspace. Apparently it's fairly well-known for being quite avant garde and showcasing a lot of new and old Hong Kong artists. The current show is a mix of photographs and paintings on old Hong Kong shops; the last was a mixed media show called "Thus Spoke Egg". All the photographs are from the past show.

LOVE PSYCHEDELICO - Last Smile (extension mix)


I've been getting maybe one or two requests a day for portraits, which is flattering and also kind of weird and scary. Because what if it looks nothing like them! Or, worse, what if it looks exactly like them and they just happen to not be that good looking? Either way, art is kind of a novelty to most people and I'm just glad to be given something to do.

The union I'm interning with is the Clothing, Clerical, and Retail General Union (, which is a part of the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (, the only independent confederation of trade unions in Hong Kong (other federations, for example, are pro-Beijing or pro-something else, and so have political liaisons and responsibilities to other entities than workers). The two portraits are of womyn involved with and working at the union.

I've only been here a little over a week but I'm really enjoying my time. So far, I've been lucky to attend the annual July 1 pro-democracy march, which had over 47,000 participants this year, as well as help at an international conference of sportswear brands and suppliers meeting with trade unions and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) on decent work in the industry, the first time such a meeting has occurred. I've also eaten a lot of free food.

Kind of Like Spitting - Title Track (Death Cab cover)

Old People

There's something about drawing older people that is really challenging yet fun, especially on the street. For one, they are not afraid to tell you off for staring at them. C'mon, they're old--what the fuck are you (me) going to do to them except stand there awkwardly as they glare and rail at you (me) in Cantonese which you (I) don't understand? Secondly, wrinkles, liver spots, sunken eyes and drooping cheekbones are so much more interesting than the troops of graphic print wearing, woven sandal trekking, over-accessorized youngsters in perched trucker hats parading through Mong Kok, the huge shopping mall and night market area of Kowloon I'm living in.

These tiny sitting areas or venues, not even quite a park since it's usually just a couple benches and a "No Smoking" banner tied to the wall, are tucked away all over Hong Kong, always filled with old men and women holding umbrellas and newspapers. I like to take my bottle of water and sketchbook and join them.