Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I hope this can change

Why is it so difficult to address sexism in the activist community? I've thought a lot since Rishi made the comment about the greenactivist and SAACtivist divide, and I think I've figured it out. I like OEOJ and the other CSEJ coalition folks, but the reason it won't work is because without a strong discussion of the underlying and overt oppressions, avoidance of race, gender, sexuality, it's going to fall apart. There's no understanding and without understanding there can be no deep connection.

If we're not friends first, what is the point of community building? Without community and collectivity, there can be no social justice. It's not a career, as Dean Spade said, it's an unpaid lifelong passion. If you are an activist, you have to do it because you can't stand the unfairness and injustices, you are concerned with seeing a widespread redistribution of well-being as close to within our lifespans as possible.

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